Yamaha virago cafe racer & bobber builds of XV750 & XV920 1981 by ASE Custom motorcycles


To start any custom bike build you need to have inspiration. The best way to do this is by having lots of pictures of great bike builds you have admired at shows, bike meets and from online places such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and even Google images. (remember to follow us - links at the bottom of the page!) - Even if it is just small pieces or features of different projects it all helps the design and thought process to create your dream ride. With these in hand we can talk you through the process of how we can bring all these ideas together and the "art of the possible" within your timescale and budget.

1992 BMW K1100 Donor bike for custom motorcycle build

Donor bikes

A big contributing factor to your final bike is your starting point. We are happy to use your own bike or help you source a suitable donor. Key points to consider here as with any bike is service history and condition. Sometimes its great to resurrect something that would otherwise be rotting away in the shed or a bike you have picked up for peanuts but in the long run you may well be letting yourself into more unexpected costs and in fact having a bigger bill than if you had spent more money to start with. 

Inside ASE Custom motorcycles workshop. Yamaha 1981 Virago XV920 & XV750 during build.


Heading into winter is a great time to commission the build process as it allows plenty of time to source your starting bike, find key components and gives you one more thing to look forward to when springtime comes and your ready to hit the road. Also, at the end of the winter is when all of the big bike shows and invitationals are considering which inspirational custom motorcycles to display, so if your bike is ready, your setting yourself up for a great summer of events!

Summer time is great for all the smaller tweaks that you think of whilst riding your pride and joy and can be scheduled easily around your riding time, because that's what its all about, right?