Motorcycle design & engineering

3d CAD modelling & Motorcycle Engineering for bespoke motorbike components by ASE Custom motorcycles

3D CAD modelling and drafting

Thanks to our extensive experience in the automotive design & engineering field for prestigious manufacturers we are able model and create made to order motorcycle parts utilising some of the latest 3D CAD (computer aided design) software. 

Designing in this way allows us to visualise your bespoke or customised motorcycle part before we commission prototype 3D printing or CNC machining to provide you with well engineered unique motorcycle parts.

2d engineering drawing for motorcycle parts by ASE Custom motorcycles

Engineering drawings

When getting specialist motorcycle parts made it is important that all the right information is presented to the engineering workshop.  We can produce 2D detailed engineering drawings to compliment our 3D creations  ensuring the components are made to specification.

3D scanning motorbike components CAD design part for engineering by ASE Custom motorcycles

3D scanning to CAD models

Utilising some of the latest technology we are able to get parts scanned and incorporated into some new component design.