There are so many stages to thing about when customising a motorcycle. We have detailed below some of the stages we can carry out to provide the complete start to finish process when beginning with or re-commissioning and servicing an older vehicle.

Restoration and re-commissioning

Bespoke Custom motorcycle paintwork ACE ASE Custom motorcycles. Dark blue with brushed bronze swoosh

Custom motorcycle paintwork

Vital to the overall appearance of a custom motorcycle is the fit, finish and attention to detail. 

We can work with your ideas and suggest some great colour schemes and styling  options to make your bike truly special, resulting in a show-quality paint job with a deep lacquer for a seamless transition between colours or pinstripes.

Vapour blasted and Powdercoated BMW motorcycle parts by ASE Custom motorcycles

Powdercoating & Vapour blasting

During the motorcycle customisation and renovation process we can get most parts looking like new again with a fresh blast and powdercoat and a large choice of colours and finishes available.

Note: As part of this process is it best practice to replace all seals and bearings.

For bare metal components such as engines and casting we can utilise a Vapour blasting process which is far less abrasive than sandblasting but very effective in making your motorcycle components look like new again!

Ultrasonic carb carburettor cleaning before and after. ASE Custom motorcycles

Ultrasonic cleaning

This is the process of complete removal of a wide variety of contaminates from objects including carburettors by high frequency sound waves.

The ultrasonic energy is harnessed to create a powerful cleaning process against the surface of the item in question, which gently lifts the contamination off of the surface and innermost recesses of parts with highly intricate mouldings.

A carburettor's operational efficiency depends on them being in optimum condition and this is understood by those who require the best performance from their machines.

We offer a non-caustic, non-abrasive ultrasonic process suitable for all carburettors.